What is a Drupal Summit?



Drupal Summit Latino, Guadalajara 2012 will take place on the "Universidad de Guadalajara". Drupal Summit Latino aims at being an event to unite and bring together all the Drupal communities, companies and people around the Latin American and Brazil.

Conferences, workshops and coding/documentation/translation sprint are being planned so it will be a great opportunity to learn and share with distinguished members from the Drupal community in the whole continent. Need help with a problem, looking for a Drupal related job, or looking to hire Drupal talent? Come to Drupal Summit Latino GDL 2012.

The event is being co-organized between the Drupal latino community and the University of Guadalajara.


Registration is open at http://gdl2012.dlatino.org


If You need help to add a talk or workshop in english contact us!

Patrocinadores Individuales

KarimB's picture
Karim Boudjema
(Bélgica / Bolivia)
xamanu's picture
Felix Delattre
(Alemania / Nicaragua)
aldibier's picture
Aldibier Morales Morales
flupkear's picture
Javier Reartes
kaasi's picture
Isaak Ordoñez
antoniocuga's picture
Antonio Cucho
isimgt's picture
Luis Dueñas
FunkyM0nk3y's picture
Luis Antonio Galindo Castro
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Jorge Valdez